Michelle Williams struggled with desert heat

March 20th, 2011

Michelle Williams "cursed the ground" constantly while making her new film.

The blonde beauty stars in period western 'Meek's Cutoff' and she admits she found filming in high temperatures in the Oregon desert made the shoot the most difficult she had ever done.

She said: "There were times that I cursed the ground. It's definitely the most demanding experience I've had in making a film.

"It stretched my understanding of what I was physically capable of.

"When it's 110 degrees it's hard to keep your energy up. You just want to curl up in a puddle of shade."

The film sees Michelle teem with director Kelly Reichardt - who she previously worked with on 2008's 'Wendy and Lucy' - for the second time and despite the tough conditions, the actress says she jumped at the chance to work with the filmmaker.

She added in an interview with Total Film magazine: "The day Kelly handed me this script is in my top five happiest moments of all time.

"With Kelly I could show her anything, share anything and it would be OK."