Mila Kunis didn't plan to be leading actress

September 1st, 2011

Mila Kunis hasn't "always" wanted to be a leading actress.

The Ukrainian-born beauty made the leap from supporting film star in 'Black Swan' to main role in 'Friends with Benefits' and she admits it is "incredible" as she never thought it would happen and never planned it.

She said: "The experience has been incredible but not in the sense of, 'This is what I've always wanted,' because this isn't what I've always wanted. It was never my priority to be this type of actress.

"It was just to keep working. I love what I do and when a movie ends I just want to get hired again - there is no sense of security so this means nothing, unless I have another job."

The 28 year old is now looking to move onto projects she can find more out about herself with.

She told Stylist magazine: "I've always just looked at projects which I can learn from. I really do like working with people that are better than me because the only way you can become better at what you do is by observing other people. So if I can surround myself with people that are smarter, better, I'm set."