Mila Kunis worries about getting fired

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An Oscar-winning Natalie Portman portrays a disturbed ballerina named Nina in this 2010 psychological thriller. After landing the lead in "Swan Lake", Nina goes to desperate lengths to fill her role as both the White and Black swan. The delicate ballerina is thrown further off balance when she perceives that a girl named Lily (Mila Kunis) is more qualified for the part.
July 15th, 2012

Mila Kunis always thinks she is going to get fired.

The 28-year-old beauty rose to fame on 'That 70's Show' at the age of 14 and has since starred in movies including 'Black Swan' and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', but she admits she has never been confident of her acting ability.

She told Total Film magazine: ''I think that every movie decision I make is going to be a mistake. I'm always in fear of being fired, always in fear of something happening, constantly. All I have is my gut so I just follow my gut. It's gotten me to where I am today.

''When I decided to do this for a living, I said it would be for the right reasons - which is to do things that make me happy and do projects I'm proud of, regardless of the outcome.''

Even though she worries about her acting abilities, Mila doesn't mind getting bad reviews.

She said: ''If you feel you deserve to hear how great you are, you should hear how f*****g s****y you are. And I don't want to hear how s****y I am.''