Milla Jovovich's crazy Evil action

October 18th, 2011

Milla Jovovich has promised "crazy" action in 'Resident Evil: Retribution'.

The actress thinks fans will enjoy the forthcoming fifth movie in the series - which is directed by her husband Paul W. S. Anderson - in particular a spectacular scene involving Rolls Royce cars, which she admitted was expensive to film.

She said: "It really is nuts. I guess there is a reason no one has used a Rolls Royce on screen in an action sequence, they're really expensive and you need doubles and tripled but Paul put aside a part of the budget - they're used - for the cars, but they are sick looking. There's going to be some crazy action in there."

The movie has shot in various locations around the world and Milla thinks this makes it more appealing to fans around the globe as they can feel involved in the film.

She told "We've got units in Tokyo and Moscow, also Times Square, it's quite a big scope for these movies that we set with the last one, it's really wonderful because other people from other countries get to feel like part of the franchise - we get to blow up Tokyo, so they are like 'Yeah', and we get to annihilate Moscow, so the Russians are happy."