Minnie Driver: 'My job is rejection'

March 6th, 2012

Minnie Driver believes being an actress is ''90 per cent rejection''.

The British star - who is best known for her Oscar-nominated performance in 'Good Will Hunting' - believes very few people in showbusiness can do all the films they want to, but has learnt to put other things in place of her work.

She said: ''My job is 90 per cent rejection. It just is. Unless you're Angelina Jolie or maybe one of a handful of actors working amongst the millions you are going to be not getting stuff more than you're getting stuff. But life is so much bigger than work.''

Minnie has a three-year-old son named Henry, and she believes being a good mother is the most important thing she can be.

She added to The Scotsman newspaper: ''I'm a mum first and foremost - that's my most important job. Yes, I've got to put food on the table because I'm a single parent. But I don't think about it nearly as much any more because I'm so wrapped up with Henry - play-dates and nursery and the stuff of life.

''I have the same insecurities that most people have, and they're probably a bit more heightened because of what I do, but it's so much less than it was because I've got to be more together and grounded because of my kid.''