New Movie Releases for March 30th

March 30th, 2012

March 30th New Releases

This weekend, moviegoers will be able to choose from a variety of new releases, including hard-hitting documentaries, dark thrillers and enchanting fantasies.

'Mirror, Mirror' is director Tarsem Singh's hotly anticipated retelling of the classic Snow White legend. Julia Roberts takes on the juicy role of Queen Clementianna, a jealous enchantress with a wicked plan up her sleeves. The Queen is determined to steal the throne from Snow White, a beautiful and naive orphan, but her plot is thwarted by a group of seven unusually short highway robbers. The humorous fantasy film opens on March 30th, and has a family-friendly PG rating.

Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington return to the screen in Jonathan Liebesman's 'Wrath of the Titans,' the sequel to 2010's 'Clash of the Titans.' The epic action and adventure film takes place a decade after Perseus, Zeus's son, managed to slay the fearsome Kraken. Now, the gods and Titans are locked into a vicious battle, with Zeus and his brothers slowly losing control over the imprisoned Titans. Perseus must decide between his quiet, simple life and a return to the battlefield. 'Wrath of the Titans' is rated PG-13.

Halle Berry swims with some of the world's most dangerous predators in 'Dark Tide,' directed by John Stockwell. Berry portrays Katie Mathieson, a professional diver who is trying to recover after the tragic death of her mentor. She no longer swims with Great White sharks, instead preferring a safer and less glamorous career. However, when an old flame comes back into her life and encourages Katie to overcome her fears, she finds herself facing the most dangerous challenges of her life. The thriller is rated PG-13.

Award-winning director Lee Hirsch brings moviegoers a glimpse into the difficult and heartbreaking world of bullies and their victims. 'Bully' opens with a limited release on March 30th. The documentary focuses on the bullying crisis that has forever changed the lives of certain Americans. Hirsch follows a number of families who have been torn apart by the violent effects of bullying. The documentary has an R rating.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directs 'Intruders,' a mystery horror film about a supernatural creature named Hollow Face. The mysterious predator seems drawn to children, although nobody will believe the children when they talk about the monster in their bedrooms. Clive Owen plays John Farrow, a father who is willing to risk everything to save his young daughter. The dark thriller has an R rating.

'Goon' opens on March 30th with a limited release. Unassuming loser Doug Glatt thinks he's doomed to an unfulfilling career as a bouncer, but unexpectedly discovers that he has amazing hockey skills. Doug finds his true calling as an enforcer for an ice hockey league. The comedy is rated R and directed by Michael Dowse.

'I Kissed a Vampire' is an imaginative musical from director Chris Nolan. Teenage couple Dylan and Sara have been torn apart by an unusual relationship problem: Dylan is turning into a vampire and doesn't know how to stop the process. All he knows is that he doesn't want to hurt Sara. Starring Lucas Grabeel, the musical is unrated.

Director Alan Govenar's documentary offers a peek into the lives of American Beats living in Paris during the 1950s and 60s, including Alan Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and others. 'The Beat Hotel' has a limited release and is unrated.

'Turn Me On, Dammit!' is a quirky Norwegian comedy directed by Jannicke Systad Jacobsen. The film follows Alma, a teenage girl with a wildly overactive imagination and a major crush on a boy named Artur. The film has a limited release and is unrated.