The Top Five Monsters in "Monsters University"

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
October 4th, 2013

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The Top Five Monsters in "Monsters University"

Pixar has done it again with a fantastic movie the whole family will enjoy. Technology continues to improve, and "Monsters University" is among the most amazing animated movies to be released so far. In keeping with Pixar's goal to cover new ground with each film, "Monsters University" is the first prequel the company has ever made. This movie is full of laughs, fun scares, and even a little suspense as the audience roots for Mike and Sulley's success in college. But Mike and Sulley aren't the only funny guys on campus. Here are five monsters in the movie who will steal your heart.

Michael "Mike" Wazowski

Mike is one half of the "Monsters, Inc." duo that the audience fell in love with over ten years ago. This guy is a jokester, but in "Monsters University," the audience will find out how Mike became the monster he is in the first film. He's the main character of this prequel but isn't the only one to garner laughs.

Mike, played by Billy Crystal, has been bullied since elementary school because of his small stature. Even at that young age, however, Mike dreamed of being a scarer. A few years later, he enrolls in college to learn how to scare children. This is where he meets Sulley. At first, they don't get along very well, but as time goes by these two oddballs become best pals. They get into a lot of trouble together on and off campus too. Mike overcomes the shyness he developed from being bullied as a child and shows the audience that it's best to be yourself and believe in yourself, especially during difficult times.

James P. "Sulley" Sullivan

The other main monster in "Monsters University" is Sulley, voiced by John Goodman. People might find it interesting to know that Sulley has over five million individual hairs, and all of them are animated separately. This big blue huggable monster is a college jock who at first doesn't give geeky Mike the time of day. His large stature makes him a natural scarer, unlike Mike. Since Sulley comes from a long line of famous scarers, he often gets all the glory without having to do much work.

Sulley and Mike start out as rivals, but after destroying Dean Hardscrabble's most precious possession by accident, they are kicked out of the university scaring program. Sulley and Mike must set their differences aside. They join the Oozma Kappa fraternity and work together in the Scare Games to prove to everyone that they are the best scarers on campus, and hilarity ensues. The end of the movie shows how Mike and Sulley got started in their careers at Monsters, Inc., which provides another round of laughs with a message that perseverance pays off, even if the results are unexpected.

Randall "Randy" Boggs

The audience knows Randy as the main antagonist in "Monsters, Inc." In"Monsters University,"the truth is revealed that Randy was a nerd in school. Randy is brought to life by the voice of Steve Buscemi and is in several amusing scenes throughout this movie.

Dean Hardscrabble

Played by Helen Mirren, Dean Hardscrabble is the chilling university head who steals the scenes she's in. She could win an award for her hardheadedness as a disciplinarian, which is sure to bring out the giggles. It is her idea to have Mike and Sully compete a set of tests together to stay in college after they've been expelled.

The 50-Foot Librarian

While this character isn't seen many times throughout the film, the time she is onscreen will leave the audience in stitches. In one of the best scenes of"Monsters University,"Mike is in the Scare Games and must retrieve a team flag from the back of the library. This task is more difficult than it sounds, however, because even the slightest noise stirs the giant monster librarian to throw the person responsible for the ruckus out the window. This scene is not only hysterical, it's also very exciting to watch and cheer Mike on as he tries to capture the flag.

These are just five of the fantastic monsters who will capture your heart in"Monsters University."Primarily following Mike's life story, this film accurately depicts college life but with a funny monster spin. Audience members will laugh so hard throughout the entire movie that they will walk out of the theater holding their sides. However, this movie also imparts a few morality lessons: strive for your dreams, never give up, and hard work pays off. Made for the entire family,"Monsters University"has plenty to offer adults, teens, and young children alike. Pixar did a fantastic job creating another beloved film that will find its way into millions of homes.