Morgan Freeman doesn't hold onto a character

July 5th, 2012

Morgan Freeman always walks away from a character.

The Oscar-winning actor has played many roles in his career but he says he never takes a part home with him once filming is over.

He said: ''I'm not that kind of actor. Done is done. I walk away. I mean, I've just never been the kind of actor that things have stayed with. I've never needed to carry a character off stage.''

While he doesn't look back on his characters, Morgan, 75, did say he would like to work with director Rob Reiner again after teaming up with him on new movie 'The Magic of the Belle Isle'.

Morgan - who also worked with Rob on 'The Bucket List' - told ''Rob's a teddy bear. He's hell delicious. He's a really good director. He's very quick which I really, really like. He's just a great person. He's a great soul. In the movie business, I would call him a movie mom. The only person I hold in equal esteem is Clint Eastwood. Now I have worked with a lot of terrific directors, and I don't mean to be putting any of them below their own station, but these two, I relish working with them.''