Richard Gere's passionate career

May 27th, 2011

Richard Gere and Martin Sheen "have the most passion for acting".

'The Business' star Tamer Hassan says the 'Pretty Woman' and 'Catch Me If You Can' actors - who he stars alongside in forthcoming spy film 'The Double' - are "so inspiring", and they do not remain in the industry simply to pick up their next pay packet.

He told BANG Showbiz: "Those two are so inspiring, the passion and the love they've got for the movie industry, I've never known it.

"Richard and Martin have got the most passion for acting I've ever experienced. It's like water off a ducks back for them and they breeze through it like it's nothing.

"You can get lazy in acting, you can start thinking 'f**k this, I'll just do it for the money', and they never have."

Tamer - who has been in movies alongside Morgan Freeman, Wesley Snipes and Bob Hoskins - counts Richard as one of the best stars he has worked with, and pointed out the importance of learning from such talented actors.

Speaking at the launch party for the Gumball 3000 Rally - which started yesterday (26.05.11) - at London's Playboy Club, he added: "Richard is 61 years old and still as handsome as ever. He is so disciplined and so young and energetic and strong. He's an inspiration, he really is.

"You're always learning in acting. You've got to learn from people like that, if you don't it's ignorance. He's one of the best actors I've worked with."

'The Double' is set to be released later this year.