Harrison Ford gains respect for news anchors

January 13th, 2011

Harrison Ford respects the work of American news anchors thanks to his role in 'Morning Glory'.

The 'Indiana Jones' actor - who plays Mike Pomeroy, a pompous, grumpy news veteran who is disgusted by today's lighter news culture - says he understands his character's point of view and respects those who do the job well in real life.

The 68 year old told BANG Showbiz: "I have been part of all kinds of morning shows and I certainly do admire those people that do it well; and there are a lot of people I think that do.

"My character is a pretentious, stuffy, self-satisfied person who really only has respect for what he's done, his particular form of journalism and it was something I could understand - you know, what Mike's point of view was. I respect people doing a good job, no matter what that job is."

The star went on to say journalism was once highly regarded but entertainment culture has contributed to a lack of respect for it in his homeland.

He said: "Mike thinks it's a savored profession. I think in a sense it used to be, well in the United States the most trusted man in America Walter Lippmann, who kept his opinions out of it until nearly the end of his career."

He added: "I still think the network news anchors do a very good job. They have the resources there in order to do it. But there is another brand of news out there now. I think that's contributed to the lack of civility in American culture."