Rob Minkoff talks animation changes

February 11th, 2014

'Mr Peabody and Sherman' used even more artists than 'The Lion King', says director Rob Minkoff.

The new animated comedy is helmed by the 51-year-old filmmaker who is also responsible for Disney's tale about loveable lion Simba, which was released in 1994, and he admits the production on his latest picture shared similarities to his previous work.

Talking at the 3D premiere of 'Mr Peabody and Sherman' in New York City, Minkoff explained: ''When we did 'Lion King' it was all drawn and now we use computers to do the work. There were still as many artists working on 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' as there were on 'Lion King', in fact maybe even more.''

He claims the use of technology and computer-generated images are some of the biggest differences he faced for the DreamWorks picture.

Minkoff added: ''But the fact that we are building these three dimensional worlds within the computer and getting to film them almost like a regular movie is the biggest difference between now and two decades ago.''

Ty Burrell - who voices the genius dog Mr Peabody - insists the animation was more important than the voice work.

He told ''The animators are the stars. I'm not saying that (the voices) are completely unimportant, but the animators are definitely the most important part of this process.''