Ricky Gervais makes David Brent movie

August 5th, 2014

Ricky Gervais is making a movie on David Brent.

The 53-year-old comedian is planning to shoot the feature length film 'Life on the Road', which is based on his awkward character in 'The Office', next year.

The movie catches up with David after he was made redundant from Wernham Hogg 15 years ago and follows him as he tries to make it as a rock star while working as a sales representative.

A press released from BBC Films reads: ''We find out what Brent is doing now and what's happened in the last 15 years since his redundancy from his beloved Wernham Hogg. He's a sales rep now, selling cleaning products up and down the country, but has never really given up on his dream of being a rock star.''

The film will also follow David's self-funded UK tour.

The statement added: ''He thinks it'll be like Scorsese filming the Rolling Stones, but it turns out to be a 'where are they now' documentary. He has to take a few weeks off work and cash in a couple of pensions, because the session musicians are costing him more than he's getting in ticket sales. Tragic.''

Meanwhile, Gervais' alter-ego gained worldwide fame in the BBC Two comedy between 2001 and 2003.