Natalie Portman 'cool' to produce Hesher

May 17th, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has praised Natalie Portman for choosing to produce 'Hesher'.

The 'Inception' actor worked alongside the Oscar-winning actress on the movie about a man who moves into the home of a broken family, and he thinks it's "cool" she wanted to get involved because it was only a small film.

She said: "She producer 'Hesher', and it's the first thing her production company has ever produced.

"What a cool movie to produce if you're Natalie Portman, not some huge money-maker, but like, 'No this is a great story, I'm gonna see to it that it gets made.' I admire her for that."

As well as producing, Natalie also stars in the role of Nicole in the Spencer Susser-directed movie, and Joseph thinks she is a great example of someone who has broken out of her pigeonhole.

He added: "Natalie and I met for the first time on 'Hesher'. People like her, beautiful young actresses, I think get pigeonholed so much. And she just shatters that box over and over again because she's a real artist and does such great work. So I've always wanted to work with her."