Five Must-Know Facts about "Neighbors"

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An innocent couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house.
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May 6th, 2014

Set for release in May of 2014, "Neighbors" is a fun movie in which two worlds collide. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play Mac and Kelly Radner, two new parents who live in a stable neighborhood that is sure to provide a safe, quiet environment as they raise their daughter. This idea comes tumbling down when the house next door goes up for sale. Normally, a new addition to the neighborhood would not be an issue. However, in this case, a group of fraternity brothers buys the house. The antics that follow their arrival leave Mac and Kelly on the edge of their seats wondering what to expect next. Before heading to the theater for a good laugh, learn some must-know facts about this hilarious movie.

1. The screenwriters of "Neighbors" were inspired by the residential neighborhoods surrounding Penn State University. Of course the college kids and residents did not always get along, and while the antics never reached a "Neighbors" level of conflict, the situation was enough to stick in the minds of Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O'Brien. The two screenwriters thought the situation was so relatable, funny and true for the general public that a movie about it was a perfect fit.

2. Often, filming locations for movies are thoughtfully chosen based on many factors. Surrounding scenery, architectural details, climate and budget are all considerations that the producers must take into account. However, these elements were not considered when choosing the location for "Neighboors." In fact, the location for this film, Los Angeles, was chosen solely based on the fact that the director's wife was pregnant at the time of production. If they had filmed in their originally chosen destination, New Orleans, instead of moving filming to L.A., Nick Stroller, the director, would have had to pass on this movie.

3. Two very different actors, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, star in this movie side-by-side. This is the first time the duo has appeared in a film together, and in fact, this is the very first R-rated comedy that Zac Efron has filmed. Their two acting styles work to complement one another, and the director notes that seeing them together on screen is just plain funny. While Seth Rogen is a well-known funny man, Zac Efron is known for his good looks. By choosing these men for the leading roles, the directors and producers were striving to create a battle movie of sorts.

4. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who plays Scoonie in "Neighbors," almost did not receive this role, and once he was chosen, he almost passed. The character of Scoonie was originally imagined as a large man. At the last minute, though, it was decided that a smaller man with a ton of confidence was much funnier. Upon receiving the call for the part, Christopher Mintz-Plasse was not so sure that he wanted to take time away from his band for filming. He and his band, Young Rapscallions, were planning to record an album at the time. Mintz-Plasse ultimately decided to take on the role when he heard that Dave Franco was also in the movie.

5. While many of the actions within the movie are immature, this movie is also mature at the same time. Because of the hard R rating, the f-word is thrown around throughout the movie without regard, and there is no lack of inappropriate scenes. The film features a lot of drug use and drinking, which may not be appropriate for all audiences. On the other hand, the movie is about new parents and the struggles they go through protecting, raising and caring for a new baby. By combining the immature and mature elements, there truly is something for everyone in "Neighbors."

While many times comedies are completely unbelievable and not something that multiple age groups can relate to or even enjoy, "Neighbors" is not one of these films. The storyline, a clash between adulthood and the reckless actions of frat boys, is one that is appealing to many generations. The carefully chosen actors all work well to provide an entertaining ride from beginning to end. Each has his own strength, which complements the other actors. In fact, in an interview with an entertainment website, Seth Rogen gave the credit for the success of his role to his on-screen wife, who made the perfect match for him. When an actor complements his co-stars rather than just taking the credit himself, viewers can expect a movie full of good roles, not just one main star of the film. This is certainly the case in "Neighbors."