It's Almost the Weekend! What Will You See?

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
May 8th, 2014

"Neighbors" arrives in theaters on Friday, May 9. When Mac and Kelly move into a suburban neighborhood, they're prepared to settle down and embrace the American dream. They face a rude awakening after they meet their neighbors. A fraternity turns the house next door into wild headquarters, forcing Mac and Kelly to wage a war against the rowdy students. The comedy has an R rating for crude and mature content, pervasive language, graphic nudity and drug use. Nicholas Stoller directs.

"Chef" stars Jon Favreau as a prominent Los Angeles chef who decides to take a stand against predictability. After quitting his job and leaving his demanding boss behind, Casper strikes out on his own to begin a food truck business. Along the way, he'll have a chance to reconnect with his family. "Chef" has an R rating for language and suggestive references. Jon Favreau directs.

"Moms' Night Out" follows a group of friends who just want to leave the chores behind for a night. Their husbands aren't up to the daunting task of watching the children, leading to mayhem and confusion. It doesn't take long for the moms to realize that their evening won't go as planned. Mild thematic elements and some action contribute to a PG rating. Andrew and Jonathan Erwin direct.

"God's Pocket" comes to select theaters on May 9. John Slattery directs the dark comedy. In his working class community, Leon is a little too eager to start trouble. After an altercation with his co-workers, Leon unexpectedly dies, leaving his devastating mother wondering whether her volatile son really died during an accident. There may have been more troubling elements at play. Violence, language and mature content contribute to the R rating. 

"The Double" stars Jesse Eisenberg as Simon James, a withdrawn man. Simon's dreary life changes radically when he meets his new co-worker: a man who looks strikingly similar to Simon. Known as James Simon, the charming, charismatic newcomer is the polar opposite of Simon. Simon's life spirals into a struggle for identity. The R rating is due to language. Richard Ayoade directs.

"Palo Alto" draws inspiration from a collection of short stories by James Franco. First-time director Gia Coppola helms the film. April is less experienced than her high school classmates, but the attention of an older coach could lead to trouble. Teddy, a boy with big problems and a secret crush on April, complicates matters even further. "Palo Alto" has an R rating for drug and alcohol use, strong mature content and pervasive language, all involving teens.

"Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return" sees Dorothy Gale heading back to the enchanted world of Oz. This time, Dorothy discovers that an ominous threat has left her old friends in danger. The plucky girl from Kansas will find new allies and face unexpected obstacles as she sets out to make things right. The animated movie has a PG rating for some scary images and mild peril. Will Finn and Dan St. Pierre direct.

Continuing Films

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" continues the adventures of Peter Parker, high school student turned hero. Learning how to shoulder great responsibility isn't as easy as it might seem, especially after Spider-Man meets Electro, a villain with supercharged abilities. His discoveries about the sinister inner workings of Oscorp and his troubled relationship with Gwen also create some major complications. The PG-13 rating is due to sequences of sci-fi action and violence. Marc Webb directs.

"The Other Woman" shows what happens when three women who are being pursued by the same man decide to join forces against their cheating beau. Mark's sweet, naive wife, his high-powered lawyer girlfriend and his young mistress form a powerful alliance behind Mark's back. Together, they prove that he's messed with the wrong women. "The Other Woman" has a PG-13 rating for mature references and thematic material, as well as for language. Nick Cassavetes directs.

"Heaven is for Real" follows the miraculous recovery of a Nebraska pastor's young son. After pulling through from an emergency surgery, Colton Burpo electrifies his small community by sharing his visions of heaven. If what Colton is saying is true, it could change everything, but Colton's father struggles with his own belief and his loyalty to Colton. The film's PG rating is due to thematic material that includes medical scenarios. Randall Wallace directs.

"Captain America: The Winter Solider" stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff. Attacks from a mysterious assailant leave Nick Fury in trouble. As a result, Captain America ends up facing intense suspicions, and it's up to the patriotic superhero and his few allies to figure out the Winter Soldier's true agenda. The film's PG-13 rating is due to intense sequences of action, violence and gun play throughout. Anthony and Joe Russo direct.