Nicolas Cage signs up for "Tokarev"

February 13th, 2013

Nicolas Cage has signed on to star in new thriller 'Tokarev'.

The 49-year-old actor is set to play the lead character in the movie which will be directed by 'Neon Flash' filmmaker Paco Cabezas.

Paco's previous work has been in Spanish language cinema and the project will mark his first American project.

Cage is to play former cop Paul Maguire who is on the hunt for his daughter's kidnappers as he deals with his difficult past.

The script has been written by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller and the film's name 'Tokarev' is a Russian bottlenecked pistol cartridge used in TT-30 automatic pistols.

Cage is set to be a busy action man in 2013 as he has also signed on to be in 'The Expendanbles 3'.

The Hollywood star will join the franchise's stellar tough guy cast, which includes Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis, in the sequel.

Stallone previously revealed: ''We are preparing the film with the same passion and commitment as the previous two. We have confirmed Nicolas Cage, a master actor who gives a veneer intellectual group. Hopefully we can realise Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and Mickey Rourke.