Box Office Weekend Update

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures
March 31st, 2014

"Noah" rose to the top of the box office rankings during the weekend of Friday, March 28, thanks to proceeds of $44 million. The world has gone astray, and a massive natural disaster is impending. Noah is the only man who heeds the warning signs. Although facing scorn from his community, Noah builds an enormous arc that will help his loved ones survive the planet's imminent destruction. He still has many obstacles ahead of him. "Noah" has a PG-13 rating for violence, disturbing images and brief suggestive content.

"Sabotage" debuted with $5,330,000 over the weekend. After thousands of dollars mysteriously vanish from a drug cartel's safe house, an elite team of ruthless DEA agents begins to fray at the edges. One by one, members of the team show up murdered, leaving the surviving team members to race against time to resolve the conflict and figure out the killer's identity. The R rating is due to pervasive language, strong bloody violence, nudity, mature content and drug use.

Continuing Films

"Divergent" fell from top spot, earning $26,500,000 and bringing total profits to more than $95 million. After a required test, Tris decides to join the Dauntless faction of society. What the other members of Dauntless don't realize is that Tris has a dark secret. She's divergent, displaying qualities from several different factions. With major civil unrest brewing in her seemingly peaceful world, Tris must rise to the challenge. "Divergent" has a PG-13 rating for intense violence and action, some sensuality and thematic elements.

"Muppets Most Wanted" saw weekend earnings of $11,373,000. Since its opening weekend, the family-friendly film has brought in more than $33 million. A case of mistaken identity lands Kermit in a Siberian gulag, trapped under the watchful eye of a Russian prison guard. Meanwhile, Constantine, a dangerous thief, has taken Kermit's place among the touring Muppets. With Constantine pulling off heists and Kermit struggling to clear his good name, the Muppets are in for trouble. The film's PG rating is due to mild action. 

"Mr. Peabody & Sherman" saw its total profits surpass the $94 million mark. During the weekend of March 28, the animated movie earned $9,500,000. Mr. Peabody may be the world's smartest dog, but raising an adopted human son is complicated enough to have the canine scratching his head. Mr. Peabody tries to introduce Sherman to history by taking him on trips in the time-traveling WABAC Machine. His plan backfires when Sherman goes rogue with a new friend. The PG rating is due to mild action and brief rude humor.

"God's Not Dead" earned $9,075,421, with total profits now equaling more than $22 million. College student Josh runs into an unexpected problem. His professor wants Josh to sign a statement claiming that God is dead, which goes against Josh's faith. To save his grades and stay true to his beliefs, Josh will have to go head to head against the professor in a series of debates. "God's Not Dead" has a PG rating for brief violence, an accident scene and thematic material.

Movies to DVD

"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" is available on DVD on Tuesday, April 1. In a changing world, Ron Burgundy finds it hard to keep up, but he's not about to change his boorish ways. After hitting rock bottom, Ron gathers his faithful trio of friends. Together, they'll find a way to redeem Ron and get him back on top in the competitive news anchor game. The PG-13 rating is due to drug use, language, comic violence and crude mature content.

"47 Ronin" stars Keanu Reeves as Kai, an outcast with Japanese heritage who dreams of acceptance from the elite samurai. When a Shogun orchestrates the dishonorable death of Lord Asano, Kai is able to join up with the Ronin to avenge the tragedy, forcing the corrupt Shogun to pay for his crimes against Lord Asano. "47 Ronin" has a PG-13 rating for intense sequences of violence and action, thematic elements and disturbing images.

"At Middleton" centers on a campus romance with a twist. While touring a potential school with their children, two single parents form an instant connection. George and Edith break free from the group, enjoying a day of deep discussion and light hearted fun that leads them to important realizations about what they want from life. "At Middleton" has an R rating for mature content and drug use.

In "The Bag Man," a world-weary and neurotic hired gun waits for the arrival of his boss. Jack's job is simple. All he has to do is hand over a mysterious bag to his boss. The longer he waits, though, the more things go wrong, and soon Jack is in the middle of some deep trouble. Mature content, language and violence contribute to an R rating.