Holiday Weekend Box Office! What Will You See?

Photo Credit: FilmDistrict
November 28th, 2013

Holiday Weekend Box Office! What Will You See?

"Frozen" arrives in theaters on Wednesday, November 27. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee direct this animated Disney version of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. Once upon a time, Anna and Elsa were close friends and loving sisters. But Elsa's secret power created a rift between the two. Now, plucky Anna will head out into a chilly wilderness to seek her lost sister and save the entire kingdom from an eternally icy winter. The family-friendly movie has a PG rating for mild rude humor and some action.

"Oldboy" is Spike Lee's remake of Park Chan-wook's taut and enigmatic thriller. Joe has lived a life of captivity inside the same hotel room for many torturous years. Once he's finally free, Joe sets out to exact revenge on his captors and to find an explanation for his torment. "Oldboy" has an R rating for disturbing images, brutal violence, graphic mature content and nudity, and language.

In "Black Nativity," Kasi Lemmons adapts Langston Hughes' gospel musical for the big screen. After facing eviction from his home, young Langston journeys from Baltimore to New York to spend Christmas with relatives who have a different way of seeing the world. In Harlem, he will find surprises, challenges, and redemption. The holiday film's PG rating is due to a menacing situation, language, and thematic material.

"Homefront" stars Jason Statham as Phil, a DEA agent and single dad. Although he hopes to find peace and quiet in small-town America, Phil soon rethinks his plan. A local meth ring sets their sights on Phil and his daughter, turning their lives into a constant battleground. The R rating is due to pervasive language, strong violence, brief mature content, and drug content. Gary Fleder directs.

"Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" opens in limited theaters on November 27. Nelson Mandela was destined to become an icon for courage in the face of adversity. Growing up in a small village, Mandela perseveres until he manages to become a democratic leader in South Africa. But his political outspokenness and bravery comes at a great price. The biopic's PG-13 rating is because of mature content, brief strong language, disturbing images, and violence. Justin Chadwick directs.

"The Punk Singer" opens in New York on Friday, November 29. The documentary traces the life of Kathleen Hanna. Not just another band member, Hanna founded Bikini Kill and inspired countless young women in the 1990s to join the bold, unapologetic riot grrrl revolution. Guests include Carrie Brownstein, Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, and Hanna herself. "The Punk Singer" is not rated. Sini Anderson directs.

Continuing Films

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" has been a triumph at the box office. The action-packed sequel from director Francis Lawrence follows the adventures of Katniss and Peeta. After her amazing win, Katniss Everdeen holds onto the hope that everything might return to normal. As it turns out, her life is moving further and further from anything resembling normalcy. Rebellion is simmering, and the Capitol will do whatever it takes to prevent a mutiny and maintain order. The PG-13 rating is due to intense sequences of action and violence, thematic elements, frightening images, language, and a suggestive situation.

In "Thor: The Dark World," the Dark Elves are threatening to destroy the universe, and the Asgardians may not be able to defeat them. Thor will fight relentlessly to save the world, especially since Dr. Jane Foster's life hangs in the balance. Thor will even consider calling on his estranged brother. "Thor: The Dark World" has a PG-13 rating for intense sci-fi action and violence, as well as for suggestive content. Alan Taylor directs.

"The Best Man Holiday" is Malcolm D. Lee's sequel to "The Best Man" (1999). When Harper's book was about to launch, his friends found out about his thinly veiled tell-all. Now, the friends are reuniting, and it quickly becomes obvious that their drama hasn't died down. Neither has their affection for each other. Brief nudity, language, and mature content contribute to an R rating.

"Delivery Man" tells the story of a man who's unsure about becoming a dad. Unknown to David, he's already one É five hundred times over. His past donations to a sperm bank have left David the unwitting father to a huge population, and now some of his kids are asking questions. The comedy's PG-13 rating is due to thematic elements, mature content, brief violence, drug content, and language. Ken Scott directs.

"Free Birds" is a Thanksgiving-themed animated film from Jimmy Hayward. Jake and Reggie may have opposite personalities, but the two turkeys unite for a common cause. If they can only manage to travel back in time, the two feathered friends might be able to convince the Pilgrims to change every turkey's fate. The movie's PG rating is due to action, peril, and rude humor.