Interview with Disney star Olivia Holt

Photo Credit: Olivia Holt
November 2nd, 2012

Movie Room Reviews had the wonderful opportunity to talk to the young, and talented actress, Olivia Holt, about her rising career.  Olivia currently stars in the Disney show Kickin’ It and recently starred as Skylar Lewis in their new movie Girl vs. Monster.  Here is what Olivia had to say:

MRR- Hi Olivia, how are you doing today?

Olivia-  Hey! I'm doing great! Thanks for asking!

MRR- You are a talented young actress who just starred in the new Disney Channel movie Girl Vs. Monster, can you tell us all about the movie and the role you played?

Olivia- Girl Vs. Monster is basically about my character, Skylar, who finds out that she is a fifth generation monster hunter. She has these big plans to go out on Halloween night to sing with the guy she likes and to have a great time with her friends. All goes wrong when her parents end up telling her she can't go out. So she attempts to sneak out of the house but accidentally releases all of the monsters her parents have captured over the years. So it's up to her and her friends to save Halloween and capture all of the monsters.

What I really love about my character Skylar is that's she so fearless. But halfway through the movie she learns and fear. And the audience gets to see her go through that transformation of overcoming her fears.

MRR- What did you think of the film?  Did you like your performance?

Olivia- I was really happy with how the final cut of the film came out. The effects looked wicked cool and the singing and dance numbers turned out great. And over all I loved it. I'm usually the type that doesn't like to watch my self because I'm so critical with everything I see myself do. But I particularly enjoyed watching this because I feel the cast and I clicked so well.

MRR- Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into acting?

Olivia- I grew up in Mississippi and entertaining was just something that I loved to do. Whether it was singing all day long or putting on a little skit with my older sister. When I was about ten years old my voice coach for singing took me out to a convention out in LA. My family and I just thought it'd be a cool experience but little did we know that I'd get over forty callbacks from different agencies. It was so overwhelming. But I ended up going with an agency and I just started to go on audition after audition.

MRR-  How did you go about landing the role in the independent film Black & Blue?

Olivia- I auditioned for it, then got a call back, then they brought me back again and I ended up booking the role. It was so exciting for me! And such a cool experience, too, because that was one of my first films and I learned alot from it.

MRR- I bet all your classmates have got Olivia fever, how has your hometown of Nesbit, Mississippi been reacting to your recent fame?

Olivia- Hahaha, you know, I'm very blessed to have such supportive friends. I still try and keep in touch with them as much as possible. And I can't thank them enough for all their love and support. Means the world to me!

MRR- Being a young actor these days comes with a lot of pressure, what are some of the things that you have to deal with on a daily basis?

Olivia- Sometimes days can be super difficult, especially when you're working with older actors and an older crew, just in general an older crowd. The pressure can be brought on them to try to buckle down and stay focused, and when you're a kid all you want to do is have fun. I've learned though that in this business there comes times where I need to stay focused and not goof around so we can all get our job done. Because even though my job is fun, it's still a job, and I have to get it done with staying mature about situations.

MRR-  What future projects can we look forward to seeing from you?

Olivia- Definitely be looking out for some of my music. I've been in the recording studio working on some songs that I hope to get out there in the next year or so. And also, season three of Kickin It!

MRR- Thank you so much Olivia and all of us here at Movie Room Reviews wish you the best of luck!

Olivia- Oh no, thank you! Very much!