Stephen Soderbergh wanted to objectify men in Magic Mike

July 13th, 2012

Stephen Soderbergh wanted to ''play with the objectification of men'' in 'Magic Mike'.

The director was intrigued by the concept of male strippers when Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum approached him about making a movie based on his own experiences in the industry as a cash-strapped 19 year old.

Explaining his objectives with the film, he said: ''To be able to play with the objectification of men. I thought that was interesting. For them to be viewed in a way we typically associate with women.

''And I know from talking to Channing that the way women behave in these places is really disconcerting; you'd never see men behave the same in a strip club.''

The film also stars Matthew McConaughey as laugh-a-minute veteran stripper Dallas, and Stephen thought the actor's improvisation skills and willingness to prance around in skimpy underwear for his role were impressive.

Stephen added to Total Film magazine: ''He had tons of ideas. His solo number wasn't in the script but he was really game for that. He had a name for all of his moves, like the 'lick-it-and-flick-it'.

''He had all this stuff figured out, and we all just went, 'Wow, that's pretty intense!' ''

Alex Pettyfer, Olivia Munn and Joe Manganiello also star in 'Magic Mike'.