Oprah Winfrey to play brothel madam in Ruined

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This dramedy has a star-studded female cast that includes Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, Carrie Fisher, Cloris Leachman, Debi Mazar, Bette Midler and Candice Bergen. It's an update of the 1939 film of the same name which was based on the play by Clare Booth Luce. Written and directed by Diane English, 2008's "The Women" centers on what happens to four friends (Ryan, Bening, Messing and Smith) after one of their husbands gets involved in an affair with Mendes' character.

December 8th, 2010

Oprah Winfrey is to star as a brothel madam in 'Ruined'.

The television personality - who is one of the richest women in the US thanks to her huge media empire - will take the starring role of Mama Nadi in the HBO film, an adaptation of the Lynn Nottage book of the same name.

The novel tells the tale of a woman in war-torn Congo who tries to stop the women working for her from getting caught in the war between rebel armies and the country's government.

Nottage - who won a Pulitzer prize for the book - is adapting the screenplay for the project, while Oprah will produce the film.

Oprah, 56, has used her voice for a number of animated movie roles in recent years, but has not starred in a film since 1998's 'Beloved'.

She is best known as an actress for her performance in 1985's 'The Colour Purple'.

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