Orlando Bloom loves playing the bad guy

October 13th, 2011

Orlando Bloom signed up for 'The Three Muketeers' because he wanted to play a bad guy.

The British actor plays the Duke of Buckingham in the swashbuckling adventure and says it was "liberating" playing such a different character to those he is usually offered.

He said: "I know I'm usually the good guy and that's why this was the direction I had been itching to go in. That's why I did the movie actually. I'm not sure I would have wanted to play D'Artagnan. I wanted to do something like play the bad guy.

When I sat down with Paul Anderson and also with the producer, Jeremy Bolt, I hadn't read the script, yet they said, 'When we thought of this, we thought of you, and we were thinking this would be a really interesting turn, a real difference, a new shift, a new take on something,' and I was like, 'Great, great'. So I read it and I just really enjoyed it.

"The bad guys have more fun, so much more fun, and it is totally liberating."

The movie was shot in 3-D, technology which director Paul W. S. Anderson was already familiar with, and Orlando thinks the feel has a very "cutting edge" feel about it.

He added in an interview with movies.ie: "To me it feels likes a very contemporary telling of the story. I think that the weaponry, because it was shot in 3D, feels very cutting edge, and just stylistically, the script certainly read very contemporary.

"It was very well thought out, and obviously being shot in 3-D, Paul had already shot 'Resident Evil Afterlife' in 3-D, with the same cameras that James Cameron had used, so he was very familiar, he was very comfortable and familiar with the 3-D world, so that was good, because it was new for me."