Six Exciting Chick Flicks of 2014

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
April 27th, 2014

Chick flicks give a hefty dose of sentimental romance and comedy to women, as well as men who have a soft spot for some extra emotion. The 2014 year is promising for movie-goers, offering a slew of superhero films, science-fiction dramas and some incredible chick flicks. The 2013 year offered instant classics like "About Time," but the new year seems just as promising for chick flick aficionados. Since spring began, audiences have already been seeing plenty of exciting new additions to the genre, and these six chick flicks are a prime example.



that-awkward-moment_1.jpgPhoto Credit: Focus Features

"That Awkward Moment"

Released on Jan. 31, this romantic comedy features a cast of great actors including Zac Efron, Imogen Poots and Miles Teller. Three best friends deal with difficult and confusing breakups, so they decide to stay single together. However, things start to change when the three guys encounter the three women who just might be perfect for them. They must decide whether they are willing to give up their single lives to take the risk of pursuing the women of their dreams. This sweet, entertaining film explores the uncomfortable feeling of breakups and the magic of trying again.



vampire-academy.jpgPhoto Credit: The Weinstein Company

"Vampire Academy"

Vampires, werewolves and other things that go bump in the night have become unexpected inspiration for numerous chick flicks, but this fantastical comedy released on Feb. 7 brings some much-needed humor to the lineup. Rose Hathaway is part human and part vampire, and her role is to protect the race of good vampires from the evil ones. When her best friend and princess of the good vampires is targeted, the two friends must run away to protect the princess from those who wish her harm. This chick flick is a great choice for those looking for more action and less romance.



about-last-night.jpgPhoto Credit: Screen Gems

"About Last Night"

This uproarious rom-com hit theaters on Feb. 14, and it proved to be the perfect chick flick for a Valentine's Day celebration. The movie follows two couples who meet at a bar, go home to bed and then begin to develop real relationships. However, their love is tested as personalities, interests and separate lives begin to collide in interesting ways. Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant all deliver outstanding performances, playing out every scene with passion, emotion and just the right amount of humor.



endless-love.jpgPhoto Credit: Universal Pictures

"Endless Love"

Also released on Feb. 14, this chick flick tells a love story using a more dramatic, sensual approach, appealing to a different audience than that of "About Last Night." A girl who grew up in a life of privilege meets a fun, exciting boy, and they are instantly attracted to each other. Their passion ignites a love affair that is all but unstoppable, but their parents will do anything to keep them apart. This remake with a modern take on the classic Shakespearean "Romeo and Juliet" story is perfect for those looking for an exciting adventure of love and sensuality.



the-other-woman.jpgPhoto Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

"The Other Woman"

Set to be released on April 25, this romantic comedy follows Carly as she discovers that her beloved boyfriend is actually married. Carly meets her boyfriend's wife, and it is soon discovered that he is having another affair. Knowing who the real enemy is, the three women get together to plot revenge against the horrible, unfaithful man they once loved. This is a fun, witty film that does well by going against the stereotype of targeting the other woman rather than the man who is to blame. "The Other Woman" is a great choice for those who love a good comedy about strong, independent women who are willing to give a man what he deserves.



decoding-annie-parker.jpgPhoto Credit: Entertainment One

"Decoding Annie Parker"

Although this film includes some humorous moments, "Decoding Annie Parker" is more of a heart-warming drama about love and disease, and it is set to hit theaters on May 2. Inspired by the true story of Annie Parker, this film follows a series of individuals played by actors like Aaron Paul, Rashida Jones and Maggie Grace as various events lead to the near-discovery of a cure for cancer. Movie-goers will enjoy this film if they are looking for a sentimental film that gets a few tears rolling.

These six chick flicks from the spring of 2014 offer a wide array of stories and cinematic styles for audiences to enjoy, from the hilarity of "About Time" to the deep and emotional "Decoding Annie Parker." These titles stand alone as great films, and they are sure to make a wonderful addition to any movie collection.