Triple Threat: Diaz, Mann & Upton star in "The Other Woman"

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
February 15th, 2014

A good romantic comedy is characterized by true love, a man and a woman fighting their way to each other, a good obstacle or two, a couple of supporting characters and barrels of laughter. “The Other Woman” manages to provide these crucial elements while providing a little extra, like a plot twist, the forging of a friendship and revenge.


The plot of “The Other Woman” begins with something basic and traditional, as it involves a man cheating on a woman and the woman getting her sweet revenge. Amber, the woman being cheated on, follows her boyfriend, Mark, to one of his many houses, intending to surprise him. Instead, she gets the surprise of her life, and the basic plotline turns a little more complicated. Instead of pleasantly surprising Mark, Amber meets Kate, Mark’s lovely, clueless wife. This means that Amber is not only being cheated on, but she is also, in fact, the other woman. The unlikely duo, wife and mistress, become even more unlikely friends as they discuss how to deal with this situation. They do, after all, have quite a lot in common: a cheating husband/boyfriend. Slowly, it dawns on them that a direct confrontation would not only be too easy on Mark but not nearly painful enough. They start spying on Mark and find out that he has yet another mistress: eye-candy Carly. The three of them get together and plan a revenge worthy of the Count of Monte Cristo. They are not content to only wail on him emotionally, so they plan to destroy every aspect of his life.


Cameron Diaz plays Amber, the first scorned lover and the main protagonist of the story. Diaz has a diverse acting portfolio, filled with roles ranging from suspense and action to comedy and chick flicks. Some of her most popular romantic comedy roles include playing Amanda Woods in “The Holiday,” Maggie in “In Her Shoes” and Joy in “What Happens in Vegas,” giving her the perfect platform for jumping into “The Other Woman.”

Leslie Mann plays Kate, the scorned wife and new best friend of Amber. She has been in a variety of comedies and chick flicks, starting as early as playing Robin in the famous “The Cable Guy.” Then, she starred opposite Brendan Fraser in the family favorite “George of the Jungle.” In “17 Again,” she was Scarlet, wife of the suddenly young Mike O’Donnell. Playing the endearing, sweet wife or significant other in these movies makes her a perfect choice for Kate: clueless wife and fierce adversary.

The third scorned lover, Carly, is played by relative newcomer Kate Upton. Her two previous roles, as a mistress in “Tower Heist” and a nun in “The Three Stooges,” are at two opposite ends of the spectrum from vengeful girlfriend.

Wayward, unfaithful Mark is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, a Danish native who has a lot of screen time under his belt but not a lot of recognition. He played a dozen small roles before starring as John Amsterdam in “New Amsterdam.” Lately, he has appeared in “At World’s End,” “Oblivion” and “Game of Thrones,” but in “The Other Woman” he is a lover, not a fighter.


“The Other Woman” bears a striking similarity to the 1996 movie “The First Wives Club.” In this film, Elise Elliot, Brenda Cushman and Annie Paradis, played by Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton respectively, also seek revenge on their erstwhile lovers by devastating the men in both their professional and personal lives. The biggest difference between the two films is that Elise, Brenda and Annie are old friends and have different husbands. It is the death of a fourth friend and a niggling dissatisfaction that brings them together to hatch their schemes.

Despite this similarity, “The Other Woman” carves out a nice niche for itself in the market of rom com by joining women together, who would normally be adversaries, into a unified front instead of pitting them against each other, making this new, unlikely friendship the real point of the story. At the same time, viewers catch some real romance when Kate’s brother, actor Taylor Kinney, makes the scene and sweeps the protagonist off her feet and into a real love story.

“The Other Woman” began filming in April of 2013 on location in the Manhattan district of New York City. It was directed by Nick Cassavetes, written by Melissa Stack, and produced and distributed by LBI Productions and 20th Century Fox. In December of 2013, the first trailer ran, and the movie is scheduled for release on April 25, 2014.