Cars 2 not for vehicle fans

July 25th, 2011

John Lasseter created 'Cars 2' for "people who don't care about cars".

The Pixar filmmaker was advised by his wife to think of those who are uninterested in driving when working on the animated movie - which stars Owen Wilson, Emily Mortimer and grand prix driver Lewis Hamilton - in order to appeal to as many people as possible.

He said: "My wife told me, 'Don't make it for the car guys; make it for everybody else. Basically she said make it for all those people who don't care about cars and I hope that's what I have in done.

"As with all our movies, whether it's the fish in 'Finding Nemo' or the rat in 'Ratatouille', we see our job as creating characters which people can invest in right from the beginning of the movie. From there it's about going on a journey and for me there is nothing better than bringing an inanimate object to life."

The 54-year-old American made sure his latest movie was "vastly different" from its prequel 'Cars' because he wanted the film to have "something new to say".

He said: "At Pixar, we do sequels only when we come up with a great idea, and we always strive to be different from the original and with this story, I am convinced that we have something new to say.

"This movie is vastly different from 'Cars' in nearly every way, yet it's still a part of the world of 'Cars'. That's what made it so much fun - the settings all over the world, the glitz, the glamour, the cool hipness of the European cities and Japan, the whole spy genre, the type of racing that they do, the type of race cars that are there."

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