Julie Walters discovered acting through mime

November 27th, 2014

Julie Walters discovered her acting talent during a mime lesson.

The 64-year-old actress first realized how much she enjoyed performing after a nun forced her to mime in front of the class in primary school.

Recalling her first moment in the spotlight, the 'Paddington' actress shared: ''There was this one nun [and] she used to have this miming thing you did every Friday afternoon - you had to get up in front of the class and do a mime. And the children had to guess what it was.

''Anyway, the first time that I did it, I did this gossiping woman. This nun - she was awful - but she roared with laughter! The world changed in that moment. The power of that. She said: 'You should go on the stage.' I will never forget how suddenly beautiful the classroom looked.''

Julie - who plays the housekeeper Mrs Bird in 'Paddington' - has since had to adapt her acting methods to accommodate the developments in technology, including a CGI Paddington bear.

Recalling the years she spent working on 'Harry Potter' with then-child stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, Julie told the Metro newspaper: ''They'd shoot them, then they'd shoot us talking to them when they couldn't be there. So I was kind of used to that, things appearing afterwards.''