MRR Interview: "Parental Guidance" star Joshua Rush

Photo Credit: Photo by Phil Caruso – © 2011 - Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Walden Media, LLC.
December 22nd, 2012

 Joshua Rush, pictured on the far right, is a young star who has had several TV and film appearances in movies like: Megamind, and Puss and Boots. Also on shows like: Family Guy, Criminal Minds, Heroes, and Private Practice.  The role we are here to talk about though is his role in the upcoming film Parental Guidance where Joshua will be acting alongside Hollywood icons Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. 

MRR- How are doing today Joshua?

Joshua- I’m alright, how are you?

MRR- I’m good, thanks for asking.  How’s life in California?

Joshua- It’s gonna be rainy today believe it it or not.

MRR- Well that’s a bummer.

MRR- So first how old are you Joshua?  You’ve already got some big roles under your belt, what age did you start acting?

Joshua- I am ten years old.  I started acting theatrically when I was just four years old.  I had been doing print ever since I was about two.  I started off young.

MRR- Do you even remember starting off acting or is has it just been a part of your everyday life since you can remember?

Joshua- It’s pretty much been an everyday thing.  Ever since I can remember really.

MRR- Why don’t you tell us about this new movie Parental Guidance and your role as Turner Decker Simmons?

Joshua- The movies about the grandfather played by Billy Crystal and he comes to visit the grandkids.  Crazy stuff happens like in one scene where he leaves us alone with a cake for about five minutes and we have a sugar rush that turns into Armageddon!  It was ridiculous! It was awesome though.  I had such a stomach ache afterwards but it was totally worth it. 

MRR- I think I saw a picture of that where you had cake all over yourself. 

Joshua- Yeah, and that was real cake (laughs).  I was just sitting there in between takes just licking my face and fingers, it was so tasty. 

MRR- You didn't have to do that scene more than once did you?

Joshua- We actually had to do it multiple times.  It actually took us two days with the same make-up on, it was ridiculous.

MRR- Well you got to eat cake for two days though.

Joshua- That’s true.

MRR-  What was it like working with Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, and Marisa Tomei?  Where they friendly to you?  Did you have a lot of fun with them?

Joshua- By the end of the shoot they were family, they are all family now.  Billy was really a grandfather to me on the set.  He actually played catch with me because I have a scene where I have to pitch.  He played catch with me to sharpen up my pitching skills.

MRR- Well I knew he was big baseball fan.

Joshua- He’s a huge baseball fan.

MRR- The movie comes out Christmas day this year, are you going to go to the movies to watch it?

Joshua- I’ll probably be with some family at the movies watching, with popcorn!

MRR- Well you deserve it.  That’s a good Christmas present don’t you think?

Joshua- It’s definitely a good Christmas present.

MRR- So let’s see here, you have done a lot of voice roles right?  You did Family Guy, Megamind and several others.  Is it harder to do the voice acting or the acting in front of the camera? 

Joshua- A lot of people would think that the voice acting would be easy because all that it is is talking.  It’s not, you have to be this character without anybody seeing you move around and things like that.  It’s actually really, really hard and you have to portray that character without moving around and stuff.

MRR- Do you have an acting coach or voice coach to help you with all this?

Joshua- I do.  When I was in Houston I had Mari Ferguson and she was the one that originally suggested that we move here to LA. My acting coach right now is Lisa Picotte and she is really, really great.  She was the one that originally coached me for a lot of the roles you see on my resume today.

MRR- What was your first major role that made you know you wanted to be an actor?

Joshua- Well my first role that I can remember was a little video, and you saw me with a crazy hat in it.  It was for a local commercial and I had so much fun, I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

MRR- I bet all the kids in school are pretty jealous, what do they say when you tell them you have to leave early to go on the movie set?

Joshua- Well I think they are because when I came back from shooting the movie one girl told me “I’m on to you, I’m on to you Joshua.  I know that you were at Disney Land that whole time.” I’m not joking! (laughs)

Everybody knew that I was shooting the movie and were pretty jealous.

MRR- What has been the greatest experience for you so far as an actor? Or the best experience from this movie?

Joshua- It probably would be the cake scene. (laughs)

MRR- Wow that must have been some cake.

MRR- Well Joshua, you have a bright career ahead of you, so what can we expect to see from you in the future, do you have any other projects on the horizon?

Joshua- I don’t have any large projects coming up but I have an ongoing job with Comcast in Spanish.  So I’m shooting commercials with them and my little Comcast family.

MRR- Are you fluent in Spanish?

Joshua- I do.  I speak it fluently

MRR- Wow you are a talented young guy aren’t you?

Joshua- Thanks.

MRR- Ok well thank you Joshua and we’ll all look forward to seeing your new movie Parental Guidance that comes out this year on Christmas Day.

Joshua- Thank you Nick.