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John Travolta stars as a loose-cannon CIA agent by the name of Charlie Wax (Travolta) who goes to Paris to bring down some drug dealers. While there he's paired with James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), aide to the U.S. Ambassador and a low-level CIA operative. Soon the two men find themselves in a buddy movie, noisily ripping around Paris as they engage in shootouts and high-speed chases in their hunt for terrorists. Kasia Smutniak plays Reese's sexy girlfriend Caroline.

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2012-07-22 08:45

Movie Review: "From Paris With Love" --

Rating: R
Length: 92 minutes
Release Date:...

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Hailee Steinfeld has been cast in McG's new movie. The 15-year-old 'True Grit' actress will star as Kevin Costner's daughter in the hotly-anticipated untitled action film. Kevin,...

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