"Alpha Males Experiment" Star Bio: Paul Alessi

February 27th, 2013

"Alpha Males Experiment" Star Bio: Paul Alessi

-- A native of New York, Paul Alessi was born on October 9, 1974. While growing up, Alessi channeled his energy into competitive sports, including ice hockey and boxing. As he grew older, Alessi also wanted to give back to his community. He contributed his time as a volunteer firefighter and also coached junior league sports. Alessi took his time figuring out a career, pursuing several different routes. As he was figuring out his future, Alessi worked as everything from a zamboni driver to a security guard.

At first, construction work just seemed like another odd job for Alessi, but it unexpectedly led to his big break. When the entertainment industry took notice of Alessi's distinctive looks, he embarked on a career as a model. In order to become more serious about his modeling, Alessi relocated from Manhattan to Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles, new doors opened for Alessi. He collaborated with director F. Gary Gray and the musical group TLC. His portrayal of an AIDS sufferer in a music video and short film called "Waterfalls" (1995) helped the film win a coveted Best Video of the Year award at the MTV Video Music Awards. Inspired by this success, Alessi decided to branch out from modeling and focus on acting.

His acting career took off quickly. In 2000, Alessi appeared in two different roles on the TV series "Courage," followed by an appearance on "What Should You Do?" in 2003. Alessi has also appeared in various movies, including a role as Corbin on "Young and Seductive" (2004). In 2005, Alessi starred in "Morphin(e)" as a man who does not know who to trust after a car accident. "Morphin(e)" landed a nomination for Best Short at the 2005 Action On Film International Film Festival. Alessi has appeared in "Asylum" (2007), "A Line in the Sand" (2009), "Don't Feed the Animals" (2011), and "The Soccer Nanny" (2011). In "Alpha Males Experiment," Alessi brings humor to Kyle, the tough guy with a cynical perspective on romance.

His firsthand involvement with film-making sparked Alessi's interest in producing. As talented at business as he is at acting, Alessi has successfully produced films such as "Allison" (2006), "Truth or Dare" (2007), and "Samuel Bleak" (2011). He has a particular focus on documentaries, including "The Guilds" (2007) and "Official Rejection" (2009). Alessi lives in Los Angeles with his wife, "Alpha Males Experiment" co-star and co-producer Amie Barsky.