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Born and raised in New York, Paul J. Alessi is an accomplished actor and producer, working steadily in Hollywood since his arrival several years ago.
His acting career began with a lead role in the TLC music video Waterfalls, directed by F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job), and this experience was followed by parts in a number of independent movies, including Ten 'Til Noon, A Line In The Sand, 29 Reasons To Run, Central Booking, and Asylum. He has also received high praise for his turn as protagonist Jack Norris in the acclaimed suspense film Morphin(e).

Seeking to improve the quality of films he saw being made, Paul recently moved into producing, starting with movies The Confession, Ten 'til Noon, Truth or Dare, Light and Alison, and is currently working on the feature documentary Official Rejection, in addition to several projects in various stages of development throughout Hollywood.

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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Paul J. Alessi who has, among many, acted in movies like Knuckle Draggers and A Guy named Murphy.  Paul tells me about his award...

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