Paul Rudd admired charismatic Nicholson

January 29th, 2011

Paul Rudd admits Jack Nicholson made him go "weak-kneed".

The 'How Do You Know' actor appears in the film alongside the 73-year-old screen legend and he was over-awed by the confidence and charisma of the older star.

He said: "Jack oozed something. He is absolutely the most confident, most charismatic, biggest thing to walk into the room, and he has been for most of his life.

"He oozes confidence, he's cool, he's striking. Women get a little weak-kneed around him. I did a little!"

Paul, 41, plays Jack's son in the movie and admits their off-camera relationship was similar because he felt like a disappointment to the actor as he knows nothing about basketball.

He explained: "With his role in the movie, I'm his son and I have disappointed him in some way. I'm clearly not the son he imagined himself having.

"So that probably just automatically fit the bill. We got on really well, but in terms of manning up, I don't know anything about basketball.

"I do know a little bit, because I do follow sports - I know it's hard to believe, but I do have some stereotypical male qualities. But I couldn't get into serious Lakers talk with him.

"That said, I had plenty of Scotch and he didn't really drink, so..."