Paul Rudd Is Going to Make an Awesome Ant-Man

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January 1st, 2014

Paul Rudd Is Going to Make an Awesome Ant-Man


Filmmaker Edgar Wright of "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and "Shaun of the Dead" fame has been developing a film about the Marvel character Ant-Man for quite some time. In fact, it's been several years since the project was first announced, and the filmmaking saw many delays as Marvel Studios focused on the first phase of its cinematic universe. Wright took the delays in stride and continued to make other films while still working on the script and even making some test footage that was shown at a Comic-Con panel. The test footage was well received by a very enthusiastic audience, which is probably part of the reason why the project now has a release date and is no longer in a seemingly endless loop of delays. Not only does the project have a release date, it now has a star in Paul Rudd, who has signed on to play Hank Pym, the man who becomes Ant-Man. The comedy star may seem like an unconventional choice next to the superstars who have played other Marvel heroes, but he is going to be a fantastic Ant-Man for several reasons.


He Has Charm and Charisma to Spare

Rudd is known as a funnyman both on and off the screen. Anyone who has watched his interviews on talk shows or for press junkets knows that he comes across as hilarious and charming. Best of all, all of that humor and charm seems to be effortless, as if Rudd has just been genetically blessed with these attributes. This makes him a great person to play Pym, who is a genius with an ego to match. Wright has expressed a desire to imbue Ant-Man with some characteristics from his other films, which likely means that the character will have a sense of humor. This won't be the often prickly and egotistical Pym of the comic books, which means that someone like Rudd is needed to carry out Wright's vision for the character.


Ant-Man Isn't the Usual Buff Marvel Superhero

Audiences are used to big and strong Marvel superheroes such as Thor or Captain America. A lot of these heroes' power has to do with their strength or their ability to heal quickly, but Ant-Man possesses neither of these powers. His superpower is actually his brain; he is a doctor whose knowledge of science and technology is almost unparalleled. He invents a serum that can make him shrink and gives him the ability to communicate with insects while in his specially built suit.

These are not the normal superpowers that one would expect from a comic-book character, which is why Ant-Man is not as well known as other Marvel mainstays. This is why Rudd is perfect for the role. Ant-Man is an unconventional character with unconventional powers, which requires an actor who can be believable in the role. Rudd has done plenty of crazy things onscreen over the years and pulled them all off, so it is easy to believe that he can pull off Ant-Man as well.


Rudd's Personality Matches the Test Footage

At the Marvel panel during San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige introduced the test footage that Wright had made to gauge audience reaction. Anyone who has watched this test footage can see that Wright intends to make the film feel lighthearted compared to some of the more dark and angst-ridden comic-book adaptations. The scene that was shown was unlike anything in any of the other Marvel films, and Rudd's personality would fit in perfectly with it. The footage was also comedic at times, which plays right into Rudd's wheelhouse as an actor.


He Really Wants to Play the Part

Enthusiasm should never be underestimated when it comes to acting, especially with such a high-profile project as a Marvel film. As rumors swirled that Rudd was one of the frontrunners for the film, the actor denied the rumors, saying that they were all speculation. Now that Marvel and Feige have publically introduced him as Ant-Man, they have explained that Rudd's excitement over the project was one of the reasons why he was hired for the part. An actor who is motivated and enthusiastic about the project is more likely to turn in a great performance. Ant-Man isn't a top-tier Marvel character or a household name, but with an enthusiastic Rudd in the lead, he could very well become the next big thing.

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