Paul Rudd's difficult toilet scene

February 23rd, 2012

Paul Rudd found his 'Wanderlust' toilet scene difficult.

'The Anchorman' star - who appears alongside Jennifer Aniston in the romantic comedy - admits he found filming a scene where he was using the bathroom in the movie awkward as director David Wain simply kept the cameras rolling.

He said: ''That was our first day of shooting. It was the first scene that we shot, and it did go on a long time.

''I remember vividly seeing the many faces of the crew with an expression of 'What the f**k am I working on?' They were legitimately concerned and like, 'This is not what I read. This is weird.' But, they went with it.''

Paul has worked with David in the past - including in one of his first roles in 'Wet Hot American Summer' - and he admits that he actually enjoys the long takes.

He told ''I like it. I'm not a fan of just doing the scene, cutting, setting up again, and doing the scene again. It's nice when you can keep going and find a rhythm [as] something can happen, particularly if you're improvising. It's great when you have a director that wants to work like that.

''I'm a huge David Wain fan. He just makes me laugh continually. He's got a very specific sensibility that is unlike anybody I've ever met [and] I happen to think that he's a really talented filmmaker.''