Philip Seymour Hoffman's self-directing hate

September 27th, 2010

Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't want to direct himself again.

The 43-year-old actor - who has just made his directorial debut in 'Jack Goes Boating' - confesses he found it hard to direct himself in the movie and is unsure if he will ever do it again because he wants to go back and change his performance.

He said: "I want to direct again. I enjoy the process. But I don't honestly like the part about directing myself. This whole thing is very subjective. Although I had an editor, of course, I co-edited it. It's a living thing. It's creativity and very hard to be subjective.

"We rehearsed two weeks, then shot for two months all around New York. Watching the finished product, I see some things I'd maybe want to change. It's as if you're suffering with OCD. The project's never finished, never over. Look, I love to wear different hats. I enjoy developing stuff. But when I direct again, I'd want it to be without me in it."

'Jack Goes Boating' - which also stars John Oritz, Amy Ryan and Richard Petrocelli - tells the tale of two working-class New York couples, was hit US cinemas on September 23 but currently has no international release dates.