Daniel Craig's complicated Bond

August 17th, 2012

Daniel Craig has made James Bond a more complex character.

The actor took over the role of 007 from Pierce Brosnan in 2006 for 'Casino Royale' and he has impressed the franchise's producer Barbara Broccoli with how much he has brought to the character.

She said: ''One of the things about Daniel is he's let us into Bond's inner life, we see and feel him from a much more intimate place. In the books you get a look into his inner conflicts and fears and anxieties, but it's very hard to put that on the screen without making him look neurotic as a leading man.

''A lot of the books focus on accidie -- this revulsion he had for his profession; it's not easy killing people.

''He fell completely in love with Vesper and she betrayed him, so he realises, from that point, he can never be susceptible to a relationship again.''

In 'Casino Royale' Vesper - the one girl the suave spy really fell for - dies and Barbara says it has made him even more determined to enjoy his life with no responsibilities.

She added to the London Evening Standard newspaper: ''He has this voracious appetite for life; he's going to drink and eat and have sex because he doesn't know in the next moment if he's going to be killed. The black humour is his way of dealing with death, he laughs in its face.''