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Charming rogue pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is back on a nonstop joyride filled with devilish pirate humor, monstrous sea creatures and breathtaking black magic. Now, with a blood debt to pay, he owes his soul to the legendary Davy Jones, ghostly Ruler of the Ocean Depths... but the ever-crafty Jack isn't about to go down without a fight. Along the way, dashing Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and the beautiful Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) get caught up in the thrilling whirlpool of misadventures stirred up in Jack's quest to avoid eternal damnation by seizing the fabled Dead Man's Chest!

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Keira Knightley won't return to 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. The 29-year-old actress played the role of Elizabeth Swann in the first three films in the franchise, 'Pirates of the...
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