Johnny Depp heading "Into The Woods"?

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides sees Johnny Depp's return as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth. To do so he will have to face the ruthless Blackbeard and his cunning daughter Angelica, who has a mysterious history with the womanizing Sparrow. Geoffrey Rush again returns as the fun Captiain Hector Barbosa, and chaos ensues as the race to the Fountain of Youth begins.

April 29th, 2013

Johnny Depp could be heading 'Into The Woods'.

The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor is in talks to star in Rob Marshall's film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's fairytale-inspired musical for Disney, Variety reports.

The 49-year-old star looks set to play a childless baker, who travels into the woods with his wife to find the witch who cast the curse on them.

Along the way, the pair cross paths with a host of fairytale favourites including Cinderella, Jack from 'Jack And The Beanstalk' and Little Red Riding Hood.

Award-winning actress Meryl Streep - who showed off her musical credentials in 'Mamma Mia!' - is being lined up for the part of the wicked witch.

Lapine will adapt the script based on his musical book, while 'Chicago's David Krane is due to arrange the music, supervised by producer John DeLuca.

Depp previously worked with director Marshall on 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides', and he also has experience of Sondheim's musicals after starring in Tim Burton's big screen adaptation of 'Sweeney Todd'.

Production is expected to start once the actor has finished filming Wally Pfister's 'Transcendence' and Barry Levinson's 'Black Mass'.