Naomie Harris prefers small movies

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June 20th, 2011

Naomie Harris feels part of a "family" when working on small budget movies.

The 'First Grader' actress has starred in a string of blockbuster films, including 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' and 'Miami Vice' but finds intimate sets more rewarding.

She said: "I'd done the big Hollywood thing and it was great, but it's such a different experience working on a big movie.

"You feel like a very small cog in a big wheel, whereas when you do a small movie, you're a small band.

"There were nine of us who went out of England to Kenya to do 'The First Grader'. So you feel really included, you feel like a family. You feel you can contribute to the script. In all areas, you're hands on.

"It's just a different experience. It's just more rewarding. More creative."

Naomi - who is rumoured for a leading role in the forthcoming James Bond film - loves working with different actors and crews on her various projects because she enjoys getting to make new friends.

She explained: "I love doing a film with a new bunch of people. I love going away and not knowing anybody and, by the end of it, having 15 really good friends."