Rebel Wilson had 'stripper' dance lessons

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April 14th, 2013

Rebel Wilson learned how to dance ''like a stripper'' on the set of 'Pitch Perfect'.

The Australian actress had to do bends and stretches to get ready for the film, including a sexy routine to stop her from injuring her back.

She said: ''We had a session on dancing a bit like a stripper. It was about dropping it low and shaking your a**e and not bending the wrong way because then you hurt your back.''

Rebel, 27, didn't manage to lose any weight on the shoot though, as she couldn't resist the tasty Southern American meals offered where they were filming.

She added: ''I would have lost weight, except for the fact we would go out for dinner at the end of the day and shovel our faces with Southern food.''

Rebel may have enjoyed the food on set, but admits she's missed her home comforts since she's been working in Hollywood.

She added to heat magazine: ''I do miss the food, and half of my suitcase when I went home last was Australian food.

''Cadbury's chocolate, but the Australian made Cadbury's, not the British or the South African made, because I like the Australian stuff. Then I brought back some healthy stuff like muesli - Australian made muesli- but mainly chocolate and sweets.''