Rebel Wilson represents herself

June 8th, 2013

Rebel Wilson negotiates her own movie contracts.

The comedic actress - who shot to fame after appearing in 2011 comedy 'Bridesmaids' - is as clever as she is funny, having earned a law degree in her native Australia, and handles all of her lucrative movie deals herself.

She told Glamour magazine in the UK: ''People are always surprised that a girl who looks so stupid is a qualified lawyer. I still don't have a lawyer here in America yet, so I read all my contracts and negotiate my own deals.''

The 'Pitch Perfect' star admits she was a huge fan of British comedy shows such as 'Absolutely Fabulous' and 'Little Britain' and finds it bizarre she now shares a home in Hollywood with her good friend and star of the latter show, Matt Lucas, who also appeared with her in 'Bridesmaids'.

She said: ''It's so weird being a fan of his and now living with him. He's like an older brother. He's always doing funny voices to make me laugh.''

The self-confessed Anglophile would next love to work with British comediennes Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French as they inspired her to get into comedy.

Rebel, 27, said: ''I'm such a huge fan. When I worked in a video store as a teenager, I discovered 'Ab Fab' and it was the first time I realised women could be genuinely funny.''