Seth Rogen: 'I didn't want Green Hornet in tights'

January 10th, 2011

Seth Rogen refused to wear tights in 'The Green Hornet'.

The 28-year-old actor - who produces the new movie as well as starring as the titular hero - didn't want to wear tight garments, despite losing weight for the role, but if pushed admits he probably would have.

He said: "I said ,'No' all along to the tights and capes. Well, I suppose I would have put the tights on.

"But only if there was some justification for it. I'm not averse to that. I've not been overly precious. As long as there's a general green feel to it, I felt good with it."

Discussing the action adventure movie - based on the comic book adventures of a crime fighter and his friend Kato - which also stars Christoph Waltz and Cameron Diaz, Seth admits much of the dialogue is made up on the spot with the script just used for reference.

He said: "It looks like people you know hanging out, and the conversations feel like the conversations you and your friends may have actually had at some point or another.

"Of course, we do write a script, and it has to be somewhat acceptable script in order to get a studio to put so much money in into it. But we treat the script like a worst-case scenario, basically."