Box Office Preview: What's New This Weekend?

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August 23rd, 2012

Box Office Preview: What's New This Weekend?

New Films

David Koepp directs "Premium Rush," an action thriller due out in theaters on Friday, August 24th. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Wilee, a bike messenger trying to make a living on the busy streets of Manhattan. Most days, Wilee just has to worry about red lights and slow pedestrians. After he picks up an envelope from a local university, however, everything changes. Although he does not know what the envelope holds, the bike messenger attracts some unwanted attention. With a corrupt cop hot on his trail, Wilee has to use every trick he knows to stay one step ahead. "Premium Rush" has a PG-13 rating for intense action sequences, language and violence.

Halloween comes early with the release of "The Apparition." Director Todd Lincoln helms the atmospheric horror movie. Ben and Kelly are a young married couple, but their formerly happy life together has taken a dark turn. The two find themselves haunted by a mysterious and malicious presence. To escape from the threat and return to normal, Ben and Kelly will have to retrace their steps, all the way back to a strange college experiment. It still might not be enough to save them from the apparition. The thriller has a PG-13 rating for some sensuality, terror and frightening images.

"Hit and Run" is an energetic new action comedy from directors David Palmer and Dax Shepard. Shepard also stars as Charlie, a man who has experienced ups and downs in his life. Although he is currently stuck in a small town because of the Witness Protection Program, Charlie also enjoys spending time with his smart and beautiful girlfriend. When Annie gets an irresistible job offer in Las Vegas, Charlie rashly decides to leave the safety of the Witness Protection Program behind and make a break for it. During their wild road trip towards freedom, Charlie and Annie wind up attracting plenty of unwanted attention. The quirky, fast-paced romance has an R rating for pervasive and crude language, violence, drug content and graphic nudity.

"Sleepwalk With Me" is a debut feature-length film from comedian Mike Birbiglia. Matt is a stand-up comedian trying to launch his career, even in the face of frustrating challenges and unexpected roadblocks. In the middle of his professional worries, Matt also has to worry about an unusual problem. His sleepwalking means that Matt has a whole other life, and it is one that he can't control any better than his waking life. The witty comedy is available in select theaters on August 24th. The film is unrated.

Continuing Films

"The Expendables 2" reunites many of the cast members of the original movie, returning for another adrenaline-charged action extravaganza. Action heavyweights such as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li join together in director Simon West's adventure film. After a group of mercenaries wind up getting the short end of the stick, they fight back against their nemesis, despite the many obstacles standing in their way. The movie has an R rating for intense and bloody violence.

"The Bourne Legacy" continues in the same vein as the popular movies starring Matt Damon. This time, Jeremy Renner takes the starring role. As part of a secretive CIA operation, Agent Cross is highly skilled and uses elite pills to enhance his performance. His whole life changes in an instant when his own employers turn against him. Now, Agent Cross finds himself torn between his desire to remain loyal and his struggle to stay alive. A CIA scientist joins him as he fights for his life. "The Bourne Legacy" has a PG-13 rating for intense violence and action sequences. Tony Gilroy directs.

The whole family can enjoy the spooky thrills in "ParaNorman." Norman is anything but normal. He was born with the strange ability to talk to the dead, meaning that he spends more time hanging out with ghosts than with humans. Norman often worries he can never fit in, but a witch's curse might change that. When Norman has a shot at saving his fellow humans from a zombie invasion, he hopes he is brave enough to step up to the plate. "ParaNorman" has a PG rating for thematic elements, rude humor and language and scary images. Chris Butler and Sam Fell direct the family-friendly animated film, which comes from the same studio responsible for "Coraline" (2009).

"The Campaign" stars funnyman Zach Galifianakis as Marty Huggins, a wholesome tourism director who has never considered a serious career in politics. When two CEOs approach Marty and ask him to run against Congressman Cam Brady, Marty's life changes drastically. Behind his squeaky clean image, Marty has the heart of a fierce political opponent. Jay Roach directs the raunchy comedy, which has an R rating for brief nudity, language and crude content.