Box Office Preview! What's New This Weekend?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
September 19th, 2013

Box Office Preview! What's New This Weekend?

"Prisoners" arrives in theaters on Friday, September 20. Denis Villeneuve's tense thriller stars Hugh Jackman as Keller, a man whose life transforms into a nightmare. His young daughter is missing, and the authorities seem helpless to intervene. Keller soon decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, a dedicated detective ends up increasingly frustrated as the search drags out too long. Every second matters. The film has an R rating for language and disturbing violent content that includes torture.

"Battle of the Year" is an energetic new film from Benson Lee. Every year, the world's best B-boy teams gather to prove their skills in a fierce, ruthless competition. The United States lags far behind the other teams, and Dante is getting tired of it. He asks Blake to coach his team, hoping his friend can lead them to a surprising victory. The dance movie has a PG-13 rating for language and some rude behavior.

"Thanks for Sharing" arrives in limited theaters on September 20. Stuart Blumberg's romantic comedy focuses on Neil and Adam, two normal guys with a similar problem. Both of the men suffer from sex addiction. While Neil struggles to keep his behavior under control in a city filled with temptation, Adam tries to navigate a new relationship with a woman who might not be too sympathetic to his issues. Language and strong mature content contribute to an R rating.

"C.O.G." draws inspiration from the works of comedian David Sedaris. When Samuel travels to Oregon and finds work on an apple farm, he imagines that he will find himself through hard work and important epiphanies. However, it does not take long for him to realize that he is out of his element. The movie has an R rating for language and some mature content. Kyle Patrick Alvarez directs.

"A Single Shot" stars Sam Rockwell as John Moon, a hunter who ends up in serious trouble after a tragic accident. Now, he not only has to deal with guilt. John also has hardened criminals on his trail, desperate to retrieve something they lost. John will have to be quick on his feet if he wants to survive long enough to redeem himself. Strong violence, mature content, nudity, language, and brief drug use result in an R rating. David M. Rosenthal directs.

"The Wizard of Oz 3D" sees the timeless 1939 classic returning to the big screen. Now in vibrant IMAX 3D, the movie introduces new generations to Dorothy Gale, Toto, and the yellow brick road. When Dorothy ends up in a magical land, all she wants to do is find her way back to Kansas. As she journeys through unknown lands to reach the fabled Wizard of Oz, she runs into allies who also need help from the Wizard. Dorothy and her new friends will face many challenges along the way. The reissued film has a PG rating for some scary moments. Victor Fleming is the director.

"Enough Said" arrived in select theaters on Wednesday, September 18. The film features James Gandolfini's final onscreen performance. Eva makes a romantic connection with Albert, a guy who seems perfect for her. When it turns out that one of Eva's clients used to be married to Albert, Eva has to decide whether the romance can survive this complication. Nicole Holofcener directs the movie, which has a PG-13 rating for crude mature content, comic violence, language, and partial nudity.

Continuing Films

In "Insidious: Chapter 2," Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne return to their roles from "Insidious" (2010). The Lambert family is still dealing with hostile forces, due to the family's tie to the spirit world. As they try to figure out how to protect their family, Renai and Josh must face immense dangers. They're not sure they can save their children without sacrifices. James Wan's horror movie has a PG-13 rating for intense violence and terror, as well as for language.

"The Family" stars Robert De Niro as a family man who puts his wife and kids in harm's way. After snitching on the mob, Fred and his family have to rely on the Witness Protection Program. However, the mafia is ruthless in tracking him down, and his family makes matters even worse by refusing to keep a low profile. The R rating is due to violence, brief mature content, and language. Luc Besson directs.

"Riddick" is a new action film from David Twohy. After a betrayal, Riddick has to figure out how to survive on a planet that does not make survival very easy. Riddick is not one to go down without a fight. He has an epic plan for vengeance that keeps him clinging to life, even when the going gets tough. "Riddick" has an R rating for strong violence, language, nudity, and mature content.