Weekend Preview: What You Have to Look Forward To!

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June 7th, 2012

Weekend Preview: What You Have To Look Forward To!

-- Ridley Scott brings a new sci-fi epic to the theaters this weekend. “Prometheus” debuts on June 8th. The film serves as a loose prequel to Scott’s popular “Alien” series. A team of scientists set out to uncover the secrets behind mysterious alien life forms. What they do not expect is that they will also uncover secrets about the origins of human life. After they become stranded in a hostile world, the team has to face their darkest fears as they struggle to survive and save the human race. “Prometheus” features an all-star cast, including Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. The film has an R rating for brief language, intense violence and disturbing images.

“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” hits theaters on Friday. The family-friendly animated adventure is the third installment in the popular “Madagascar” series. Gloria the hippo, Melman the giraffe, Marty the zebra and Alex the lion have not given up on their dream. They still want to leave Europe behind and return to the Central Park Zoo. Traveling across Europe will be difficult, so the group decides to join a circus as they find their way home. Plenty of hilarious adventures await. Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath and Conrad Vernon direct. The film has a PG rating for rude humor and mild action sequences.

Robert Pattinson stars as a wily heartthrob in “Bel Ami,” which is available in select theaters this weekend. Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellan direct the witty drama. Georges Duroy may be a humble soldier without a penny to his name, but he knows how to use his good looks to get what he wants. By setting his sights on wealthy women, Georges begins to rise to power and fame. However, he could lose everything with one misstep. The R rating is due to mature situations, nudity and some language.

Bruce Beresford directs “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding.” Jane Fonda is a free-living hippie with laidback views on life. She has not passed this attitude on to her daughter, Diane, who has grown into a neurotic and unhappy lawyer in New York. When Diane decides she needs a break and takes her two kids to visit their grandmother, everyone’s life changes in unexpected ways. Diane and her mother will have to come to terms with their differences if they want their family to be happy. The dramatic comedy is rated R for suggestive material and drug use.

Controversial director Todd Solondz has a new drama available in select theaters. “Dark Horse” is about Miranda, a depressed and secretive woman who feels out of place in her family. When she meets Abe, an eccentric toy collector, things start looking up. Both Miranda and Abe are stuck in life, unable to move past adolescence. They decide that a romance will help them enter adult life, but are not prepared for the complications they face. “Dark Horse” is unrated.

“Safety Not Guaranteed” is a fresh new comedy from director Colin Trevorrow. Three young magazine employees take on a very unusual case. They spotted an ad from a man who wants somebody to time-travel with him. The three friends decide to get an exclusive interview with the stranger, but they might not be ready for the life-changing adventures that await. “Safety Not Guaranteed” is rated R for language and crude references.

Continuing Films

“Snow White and the Huntsman” is a dark and edgy fairy tale from director Rupert Sanders. The evil queen assumes that her stepdaughter is dead. However, the huntsman took pity on Snow White and instead spared her life. He has also trained her in the art of war, creating a fearsome threat that could destroy the evil queen’s reign. The film has a PG-13 rating for intense violence and action sequences, as well as brief suggestive content.

“Men in Black III” stars Will Smith and Josh Brolin as two secret agents with a lot of responsibility. Agent J has to travel back in time to the 1960s, where he must stop an alien plot to kill Agent K. Agent K must learn to trust the mysterious time-traveler who shows up out of the blue and demands his help. Barry Sonnenfeld directs “Men in Black III.” The PG-13 rating is due to some suggestive content, as well as intense sci-fi action sequences.

“Marvel’s The Avengers” is still holding strong at the box office. Joss Whedon’s superhero movie features a star-studded cast and amazing special effects. Loki returns f