Ryan Reynolds would return to rom-coms

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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have excellent chemistry in this 2009 romantic comedy. As Margaret Tate, Bullock is the bossy editor-in-chief at a publishing company in Manhattan. However she panics when she learns that she's about to be deported due to some expired Visa papers. In an effort to prevent this from happening, Margaret attempts to blackmail her assistant (Reynolds) into marrying her.
March 27th, 2013

Ryan Reynolds would ''love to go back to rom-coms''.

The 'Buried' actor - who has starred in a string of successful romantic comedies, including 2009's 'The Proposal' with Sandra Bullock - would like to star in another romantic movie, but admits it's difficult to get satisfaction out of the genre.

In an interview with Empire magazine, he explained: ''I'd like to go back to rom-coms. They're fun. The problem with romantic comedies is you know the ending by the poster. So they're not movies you can keep doing over and over again expect satisfaction somehow.

''They're really about the pairing. You know, I had a dance partner named Sandra Bullock last time and that was as good as it could ever get. So if you're never going to do a rom-com again, it's after you work with her.''

'The Proposal' was a big box office success upon its release in 2009 and helped catapult Bullock back into the spotlight. The actress subsequently earned an Oscar for her role in drama 'The Blind Side' in 2010.

Reynolds is currently lending his voice to two animated movies, 'The Croods' and 'Turbo', while Bullock will star alongside Melissa McCarthy in 'The Heat', which sees the latter reunite with 'Bridesmaids' director Paul Feig.