Leonardo DiCaprio for Satori?

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Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this sci-fi thriller written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Set in a near-futuristic world, a young man (DiCaprio) possesses the rare ability to enter peoples' dreams. A corporate tycoon offers him the chance to return to his family in a normal life if he's willing to complete a new challenge. Cobb is asked to invade the dreams of a young corporate heir and implant an idea in his head.
October 4th, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio is being touted for a role in 'Satori'.

Warner Bros. is developing the Don Winslow novel as a vehicle for the 'Inception' actor, and plans to turn it into a franchise should the film be well received at the box office.

Leonardo would play a Westerner named Nicholai Hel who is raised in Japan and taught the skills of an assassin, which takes him all over the world following the end of World War II, including France, China and the Soviet Union when he agrees to assassinate the Soviet commissioner to China for the CIA.

Shane Salerno is set to write the script with Winslow, while John Lesher and Jennifer Killoran are producing, Deadline.com reports.

Oscar-nominated Leonardo has a number of roles lined up following his successful turn in 'Inception' in 2010.

He will next be seen in 'J Edgar' and is currently filming 'The Great Gatsby', where he plays the lead role of Jay Gatsby.

In 2012 he will also be seen in 'Django Unchained', directed by Quentin Tarantino, which is currently in pre-production.