Kath and Kim movie in the works

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Set in northern Australia prior to World War II, Nicole Kidman is an English aristocrat who inherits a large ranch. After learning that English cattle barons are plotting to take her land, she decides make the harsh trek to the Land Down Under. During her travels she's accompanied by an independent cattle driver known as "Drover" (Hugh Jackman) whom her husband hired to transport her.
March 9th, 2011

A movie version of Australian comedy series 'Kath & Kim' is to be made.

Jane Turner and Gina Riley will return in their roles as Kath Day-Knight and Kim Craig for the project - entitled 'The Kath & Kim Filum'.

Ruth Harley, chief executive of Screen Australia - who are funding the movie - said: "Australia's comedic sensibility is world renowned and is a distinctive part of our cultural identity. 'The Kath & Kim Filum' represents iconic Australian comedy."

A synopsis for the film confirms the comedy will see the mother and daughter pairing heading to Europe on a "vajazzling, whirlwind tour of love, lust and revolution."

Series director Ted Emery will helm the project.

'Kath & Kim' gained a cult following around the world in its four series, which were broadcast from 2002 to 2007.

Guest stars in the show included Kylie Minogue, Rachel Griffiths and Oscar-nominated actor Geoffrey Rush.

A US version of the series was made starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, but it failed to gain the following it had elsewhere.