Michael Sheen's on set anger with fans

April 15th, 2012

Michael Sheen became ''really annoyed'' when people started filming him when he was shooting 'The Gospel of Us'.

The 43-year-old British actor - who plays a Christ-like figure in the movie - admits he was concerned onlookers were ''f***ing'' things up when they began recording what he was doing, but eventually managed to incorporate it into the story.

He told the Daily telegraph newspaper: ''On the morning of Good Friday, when I came down from the mountain to the beach, the very first thing that happened was someone coming up to me with a camera.

''And all I could think was, 'You're f**king it up,' so the first words my character said were, 'Get the f**k out of my way.'

''That afternoon there were thousands of people on the beach, they all had mobile phones and they all wanted to film me. I was freaking out. I thought it wasn't going to work.

''But it became me throwing the money lenders out of the temple. So that relationship is very, very interesting. I mean, the original story is in one sense a story about fame.''

Despite playing the messianic character, Michael reveals he does not believe in god.

The 'Frost/Nixon' star - who is dating Rachel McAdams - says the concept of a supreme being is incomprehensible to him so he can't have any faith in the notion.

He said: ''If you can define what God is, I can tell you whether I believe in it.''