Rachel Weisz wanted 'realistic' Bourne Legacy role

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The fourth film in the spy thriller series based on the Jason Bourne novels created by Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader, The Bourne Legacy is the first film to feature someone other than Matt Damon in its leading role. The story resumes after the conclusion of The Bourne Ultimatum, with a new cast of characters struggling to deal with the aftermath left by Jason Bourne. Jeremy Renner stars as the main character, Aaron Cross/Kenneth Gidson, an agent of Operation Outcome, while Edward Norton, Joan Allen & Rachel Weisz fill in the supporting roles.
August 13th, 2012

Rachel Weisz signed up for 'The Bourne Legacy' because it was ''realistic''.

The 41-year-old actress thinks audiences will ''identify'' with her character Marta in the blockbuster - in which she stars opposite Jeremy Renner - and loved seeing her on-screen alter ego's transformation from scientist to ''warrior''.

She said: ''I really like the idea of an action movie that is realistic, rather than a superhero movie or people with magic powers.

''And I thought she was a very well-drawn, complicated character, which you almost never get in a genre picture.

''As Marta, I'm a civilian - a scientist. I have a gun because I live alone and this is America.

''I love that as an audience member you can identify with her and think, 'That could be me. What if I was in that situation?' You get to see the evolution from normal bod to action heroine - she becomes a kind of warrior. And she gets put through a lot.''

Rachel admits she has made some ''ridiculous'' career decisions in the past and says trying to plan her movies never goes according to plan.

Asked if she ever had a game plan, she said: ''Yes but it never worked out. I've had times when I think I want to do something specific next. After 'The Constant Gardener' I wanted to do a comedy. I just couldn't take anything else intense for a bit.

''So I turned down everything to do a comedy, which is a ridiculous game plan. And then a role comes along that you never thought of doing, and you connect with it, and you end up doing it.''