Bruce Willis is proud of action man status

July 22nd, 2013

Bruce Willis is proud to be known as an action star.

The 58-year-old actor is best known for his roles in high octane blockbusters and is most famous for playing cop John McClane in the 'Die Hard' franchise.

Although his body of work is diverse, Bruce is happy to be a Hollywood hard man because he likes to ''make money''.

He said: ''No, [I don't mind being seen as an action guy]. I know better. I do all kinds of films, but action films just seem to be the grist that turns the mill.

''I like to make money off action films, but I do all kinds of things - small films, big films and medium films, and science fiction films.''

Although he still enjoys starring in action movies, Bruce - who can next be seen in comic book adaptation 'RED 2' in which he plays former CIA agent Frank Moses - is bored of some of the stunts he's required to shoot.

In an interview with The Times magazine, he said: ''The blowing-up part is one of the most boring things I am asked to do. There are only so many fireballs you can see before you say, 'Oh, that's another fireball.'

''It really isn't that novel. It somehow attracts a certain audience, but once you've seen the big fireball, no other fireball is going to be that exciting.''